MedPhys SLAM

The MedPhys Slam competition gives students and trainees the opportunity to enhance their public speaking and scientific communication skills by having them present their projects in 3 minutes or less to a general, non-scientific audience.

The national competition is held yearly during the AAPM Annual Meeting. We hold a regional MedPhys Slam competition, typically in May, to select our mid-Atlantic representative for the national event. The winner of the MACAAPM MedPhys slam receives free conference registration to the national meeting and gets to participate in the competition. For more information about MedPhys slam rules click here.

MedPhys SLAM Event

Dear Student, Resident, and Junior AAPM members:

MedPhys Slam is a research communication competition in which participants prepare a three-minute presentation aimed at sharing the significance of their science in a compelling yet understandable manner. Participants will be judged on three equally weighted categories: comprehension/content, communication, and engagement. Not only will this be of interest to those within medical physics, it can be expanded as an AAPM media initiative aimed at communicating what we do to the public. Presentations will be recorded and can be posted on social media outlets like Facebook and a dedicated YouTube Channel.

These 3-minute presentations are very fun and a great way to practice presenting your research to a non-physicist audience.  We encourage all interested participants to begin preparing their talk and submit the title of your presentation to no later than May 21, 2024.

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