2018 Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the AAPM Annual Fall Meeting
October 5-6, 2018
Richmond, VA
Omni Hotel

October 5, 2018 (Friday)
7:30AM Registration/Breakfast Moderator: H. Chung
8:30AM Opening Remarks/Announcements Heeteak Chung
8:40AM Medical Physics: The road to the Future Bruce Thomason
9:30AM Vendor Presentation: BrainLab
9:40AM AM Break
Topic: Current and Future of Imaging Moderator: TBD
10:00AM Current State of Imaging in Therapy Laura Padilla
10:40AM Current State of Imaging in Diagnostic Michael Jacobs
11:20AM The near and distant future of imaging in cancer diagnosis and therapy Amit Sawant
12:00PM Vendor Presentation: Varian
Topic: Multi-Target Irradiation Moderator: TBD
1:30PM Clinical Presentation Luqman Dad
2:10PM Therapeutic/Imaging Charlie Geraghty
Topic: Young Investigator Session
3:00PM – 4:50PM
5:00PM Vendor Presentation: RadCal
5:10PM Closing Remarks Michael Jacobs



October 6, 2018 (Saturday)
8:00AM Registration/Breakfast
Topic: Special Topic/Idea Moderator: TBD
8:50AM MRI-guided adaptive radiation therapy Allen Li
9:30AM Uncertainty in Proton Therapy Mingyao Zhu
10:10AM Proton CT Calibration Sina Mousahbi
10:50AM Vendor Presentation: TBD
11:00AM AM Break
Proffered Talk (15 min presentation) Moderator: TBD
11:20AM – 12:05PM
1:15PM The Great Debate: TBD For:


1:45PM Closing Remarks Joe Moore