The 2013 annual meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter will be held at the Leavey Center, Georgetown University, right in the cultural center of Washington, DC. The organizing committee has assembled great topics and speakers for this meeting and we hope you will join us for 2 days of engaging talks and excellent opportunity for professional networking!

Symposium on QA of Imaging in Radiation Therapy

Our first day of the meeting will be devoted to a practical symposium on QA of Imaging in Radiation Therapy. The goal of this symposium is to go beyond the prescriptive discussion of Imaging QA and look “under the hood” of each imaging modality in radiation therapy. In addition to providing basic refresher on each modality, each speaker will also cover topics such as image artifacts and their common sources, image degradation, and issues in clinical applications of each modality. Both ionizing (2D/3D/4D imaging) and non-ionizing (optical, ultrasound) modalities will be discussed by each speaker. We will wrap up the symposium with a discussion on the imaging component of radiation oncology practice accreditation and an open Q&A forum on Imaging QA.

 Annual Meeting: New Technologies, Young Investigator Symposium

The MAC-AAPM is proud to present talks on two novel technologies entering the radiation oncology fields: single gantry proton therapy (Mevion) and the MR-guided radiation therapy (ViewRay). Each talk will be given by leading scientist from the corresponding company. In addition to these talks, we will also have talks on proton therapy.

We will also continue our tradition this year with the Young Investigator Symposium. Please encourage students, postdocs, and residents from your institution to participate in this symposium. In addition to the recognition, there will be monetary award given to best investigators.

Meeting Venue: Leavey Center, Georgetown University

Fall is the best time to visit Washington DC! Bring your family, stay over the weekend, and enjoy the various cultural attractions around Georgetown. The meeting venue, Leavey Center, has onsite guest rooms and the chapter has contracted with them to obtain reduced guestroom rate for meeting attendees.

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