2.0 Standing Committees

2.1 The standing Committees of the CHAPTER shall be as follows:

  • Education
  • Executive
  • Honors/Scholarship Awards
  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Nominating
  • Professional
  • Program

2.2 The roles and responsibilities of the standing Committees shall be as follows:

Education Committee – The duties of the Education Committee shall be:

(1) to formulate and implement activities that aim to improve the training of members

(2) to actively engage in organizing various teaching programs such as seminars, symposiums, workshops of educational or professional value to the members

(3) to actively seek Continuing Education Credits for the CHAPTER’s teaching programs.

Executive Committee – The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:

(1) to conduct the general business of the CHAPTER.

(2) to set rules of the CHAPTER by simple majority.

(3) to confirm/reject appointment of the Chairs of the Committees.

(4) to rule on the Committees proposals/programs.

(5) to help implementing the Committee’s approved proposals/programs.

(6) to rule and oversee all the financial aspects of the CHAPTER.

Honors/Scholarship Awards Committee – The duties of the Honors/Awards Committee shall be:

(1) to evaluate and nominate Full Member in good standing to the CHAPTER President for recommendation to the AAPM Honors and Awards Committee

(2) to administer scholarship application process.

(3) to evaluate and nominate CHAPTER member(s) for scholarship award(s).

Membership Committee – The duties of Membership Committee shall be:

(1) to actively seek new members for the CHAPTER

(2) to administer the application process

(3) to approve or disapprove applications for membership following the CHAPTER Membership criteria.

(4) to maintain and update most current Membership Directory.

(5) to mail an updated Membership Directory to the membership at least every other year; preferably every year.

(6) to provide an updated mailing list to the Newsletter Editor and to the CHAPTER Secretary on an annual basis.

Newsletter Committee – The duties of the Newsletter Committee shall be:

(1) to assist Editor in seeking and preparing reports, information, and news for Newsletter at least two times per year.

(2) to assist editor in mailing Newsletter to the membership.

Nominating Committee – The duties of Nominating Committee shall be:

(1) to attempt to select at least two nominees, of good standing, for each elective officers.

(2) to seek consent from the nominees.

(3) to submit the list of the nominees to the Secretary by no later than the first of September.

Professional Committee – The duties of the Professional Committee shall be:

(1) to promote the professional aspects of medical physicists in the Mid Atlantic region.

(2) to inform the membership of new professional or proposed legislative pertaining to the interest of the CHAPTER.

(3) to report significant local or proposed legislation to the ASSOCIATION

(4) to act as a professional placement service and make members aware of professional positions available in the area.

(5) to act as a clearing house for information from the CHAPTER to the public.

Program Committee – The duties of Program Committee shall be:

(1) to plan scientific meetings

(2) to encourage, oversee, and assist organization of special lectures, seminars, symposium, and workshops of educational or professional value to the membership.

2.3 The chairperson of these committees (except Executive) will be chosen and named by the CHAPTER President when he/she takes office.

2.4 Committee membership will be the responsibility of the chairperson in consultation with the President.

2.5 The chairperson is responsible for submitting a report of the committee’s activities to the President to be included in the CHAPTER’s Newsletter.