Article VII: Meetings and Dues

Section 1: The CHAPTER shall have a minimum of one meeting per calendar year.

Section 2: The business year of the CHAPTER will coincide with the calendar year.

Section 3: The CHAPTER’s Annual Business Meeting will be held during the scheduled meetings and announced in advance to the membership through either a newsletter, a mailed announcement, electronic correspondence, and/or posted in the chapter’s web page.

Section 4: The Executive Committee shall establish the time and place of regular meetings. Special meetings shall be held if petitioned for by at least twenty percent of the CHAPTER Full Members, Emeritus Members, or Associate Members. The request for a special meeting must be submitted in writing to the Secretary.

Section 5: Twenty percent of the total Full Members, Emeritus Members, and Associate Members including two elected officers shall constitute a quorum for the execution of CHAPTER business not addressed elsewhere in the bylaws. A quorum for any standing committee shall exist when a majority of the committee members is present.

Section 6: Except as provided, the parliamentary procedure of the CHAPTER shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 7: Dues shall be established by the Executive Committee of the CHAPTER subject to approval by a majority of the Full Members, Emeritus Members, and Associate Members.