Article IV: Membership

Section 1: The CHAPTER shall consist of Full Members, Emeritus Members, Associate Members, Junior Members, Corporate Members, and Affiliate Members.

Section 2: Full Members of the CHAPTER must be Full Members of the ASSOCIATION.

Section 3: Emeritus Members of the CHAPTER must be Emeritus Members of the ASSOCIATION.

Section 4: Associate Members of the CHAPTER must be Associate Members of the ASSOCIATION. Associate Membership can be converted to Full Membership at any time following change to Full Membership in the ASSOCIATION.

Section 5: Junior Members of the CHAPTER must be Junior Members of the ASSOCIATION or individuals who are preparing to meet the requirements for Membership and are currently enrolled as full-time students in a college or university course to that end. Junior Membership may be held for a period not exceeding four years.

Section 6: Corporate Membership is open to businesses, corporations, or institutions who wish to further the work of the CHAPTER, and whose election to membership is recognized as promoting the purposes of the CHAPTER.

Section 7: Affiliate Members of the CHAPTER are any individuals who are interested in the purpose of the CHAPTER but do not meet the requirements for Full, Emeritus, Associate, Junior, and Corporate membership.

Section 8: Voting on amendments to the Bylaws and on election of the Representative Board Member shall be restricted to Full Members and Emeritus Members in good standing. Voting on all other matters including election of officers, is open to Full Members, Emeritus Members, and Associate Members in good standing.

Section 9: A member in good standing shall be a member who is not delinquent in payment of dues (as set forth in the Rules).

Section 10: Membership may be terminated following non-payment of dues as set forth in the Rules or, by a two-third majority vote of the Executive Committee, for conduct contrary to the stated purposes of the CHAPTER.

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