Article III: Chapter Relationship

Section 1: The CHAPTER shall function under the sponsorship of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

Section 2: The Bylaws, when signed by the duly authorized officers of the CHAPTER and the ASSOCIATION, shall admit the CHAPTER to the ASSOCIATION and shall obligate the officers of both the CHAPTER and the ASSOCIATION in accordance with the provisions of both Bylaws.

Section 3: The President shall submit an annual summary report of the CHAPTER’s activities to the Executive Committee of the ASSOCIATION by January 31 of the year following his/her presidency.

Section 4: The Board of Directors of the ASSOCIATION may, at its discretion, dissolve the CHAPTER if, in its opinion, the CHAPTER has ceased to function or its actions are considered detrimental to the objectives of the ASSOCIATION.

Section 5: The CHAPTER shall not use the name of the ASSOCIATION nor obligate in any way the officers or members of the ASSOCIATION without first obtaining written approval of the duly authorized representative of the ASSOCIATION.