The committees are coming!

For quite a while, the MAC AAPM has been a committee-less chapter. The chapter work was mostly done by the executive committee members with support from informal volunteer members. In the most recent survey, chapter members expressed their wishes to have a more active chapter. We are challenging you to help the chapter accomplish that goal and some members have answered this call. We have reactivated the long-defunct Professional and Education committees and they have just had their first meeting on May 18 at the house of our president, Cari Borras, in Georgetown, DC. We look forward to all the wonderful things that these committees will accomplish for the chapter! There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, so please support YOUR chapter and volunteer! We can only achieve our goal of having a thriving chapter if MAC AAPM is an organization that is run FOR the benefits of its members BY its members. So please contact your chapter officers and volunteer!